Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Six Month Check-up

Paige got a clean bill of health at her 6-month check-up today. Since her last check up 2 months ago, she has gained about 2 pounds (currently 17 lbs 6 oz), grown 2 1/2 inches taller (currently 28 1/2 in), and her head has grown about 1 1/4 inches bigger around (currently 17 1/2 in)! She is hitting all her developmental milestones of grasping, sitting up, rolling over, etc. The pediatrician said "She's doing great! Just keep doing whatever you're doing." which of course is about the best confirmation a mom can get! We thank God every day for our happy, healthy, GROWING girl!

Monday, May 28, 2007

First swim in Florida

What a busy weekend! We arrived in Tampa on Thursday afternoon. On Thursday evening, we helped our pal Calvin celebrate his 2nd birthday (see photo). On Friday, we visited Grandma Joy (see photo) & Grandpa Joe, and Paige took her first swim in their swimming pool! (see photo) It was a very hot day (about 88* F), but the pool temp was about 80*, which felt a little chilly to us! Paige didn't fuss too much, but she clung to us like a little monkey. She kicked her feet a little and looked at us like, "Is this supposed to be fun?!"

The main reason for our trip was that Paige's cousin Cedric graduated from high school. The graduation ceremony was after Paige's bedtime, but she enjoyed the party the next day. See photo of Paige with Auntie Shantell and cousins Cedric & Joseph at the party.

Over the weekend, Paige also had her first trip to the beach in St. Petersburg, FL (see family beach portrait). She took a nap on the beach, then went in for a couple of short swims with Mom & Dad. She wasn't fussy about the cool water. She seemed to enjoy watching all the people in their brightly-colored swimsuits. She traveled like a champ, and we are all happy to be home in Chicago, sleeping in our own beds tonight.

Paige and Calvin

Paige and Grandma Joy

Paige at the pool

Paige with cousins Cedric and Joseph

Family portrait at the beach

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Teeth! On Camera!

We finally got a photo of Paige's new teeth! Check out these pearly whites! Last weekend, we had a fun visit with Auntie Jen. She brought Paige a singing bowl (AKA meditation bowl) from Vietnam. Paige seems to like the pure tones. We were hoping to use the bowl as a "call to napping" instead of the traditional "call to prayer." So far, this strategy is not working. She prefers a CD of lullabies that we often play for her. And when that doesn't work, a walk in the stroller is a pretty sure bet for lulling a tired baby girl to sleep.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Paige's teeth

As of Monday, Paige has two teeth in the middle of the bottom of her mouth! She spent last week chewing on everything and fussing about it, and now the teeth are finally here. However, we have not been able to capture them on film yet. Instead, here is a Hollywood glamor shot. Actually, this is a picture of Paige at the Chicago Botanic Garden last Tuesday. She enjoyed being outdoors and seeing the brightly-colored flowers.

Paige also went to the zoo last week. She slept more than half the time, so I can't really tell you how interested she was in the animals. The screaming school children running around did hold her attention. Oh, and it was rather chilly. Here we are bundled up.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Paige's baptism

On April 22, we celebrated Paige's baptism at Holy Trinity. We were thrilled to have the grandparents & other family & friends join us for the service and a celebratory lunch. Here's a photo from the big day.

Paige's home in cyberspace

Paige and Steve and I are making our online debut with this blog! Since our relatives are scattered across the country, we thought this might be a fun way to keep in touch with all of you and share some stories and photos. We invite you to post comments and keep in touch with us, too.