Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it snow!

Well, we have been very busy around here, as you may have guessed due to the lack of blog posts! Paige's little brother, Adam Joseph, entered the world on Thurs Oct 16th at 8 lbs 8 oz and 20.5 inches long. He is growing so fast! I can't believe we marked his two-month birthday yesterday!

We had visits from all the grandparents after Adam's birth. We're so happy they got to meet him, and so grateful for their help with all the daily chores of life (like cooking, dishes, and laundry!), which I took a hiatus from while nursing Adam every 2- 3 hours, and sleeping in one-hour intervals. Ugh. Fortunately, he is eating a little less often, so I now have time to fix the occasional meal (hot dogs and macaroni and cheese counts as "cooking", right?!).

Adam started smiling about two weeks ago. He now has a couple of "happy times" every day, when he likes to stare at the nearest human face, smile, and coo. As sleep-deprived parents, we are eating this up! It is so exciting to have him interacting with us!

During our blog silence, we also celebrated Paige's second birthday. Photos below. Paige has caught on to the gift tradition & is now eagerly looking forward to Christmas! Among her favorite birthday gifts were the magic-writer doodle tablet (think etch-a-sketch, but with a magnetic pen) and her refrigerator alphabet letters ("L, L says LLLL! Every letter makes a sound and L says LLLL!"). She likes to play letters first thing in the morning while I'm fixing breakfast. Some days, that first cup of coffee can't come soon enough! On a positive note, she memorized the alphabet song after having this new toy only two days. She can now sing her ABC's even if she doesn't know what they all mean yet.

The title of this post refers to the six inches or so of snow we've gotten in the past 24 hours. Paige loves playing in the snow, although she dislikes wearing mittens. This causes a problem, so we limit our snow time to short stretches.

Paige continues to make us laugh on a daily basis. Her latest trick is to say how much she LOVES everything. "Paige LOVES Elmo!" "Paige LOVES Play-Doh!" "Paige LOVES baby Adam!" Of course, that always make us smile!

She is also still imitating much of what we say and do. The other day, I was cleaning the bathroom while Paige watched. The next morning, we had this conversation:
Paige: Paige need the big brush.
Mom: What big brush?
Paige: Paige need the big brush.
Mom: What do you need the big brush for?
Paige: To clean the toilet! Paige wanna clean the toilet!

Paige got a kitchen for her birthday

Paige loved her birthday cake

Family of Four

Adam dressed as a cat on Halloween

Paige as a duck and Adam's first Halloween