Monday, February 16, 2009


Adam ate his first solid food today: bananas! He seemed to like them OK while eating them, but about 10 minutes later, most of it came back up. Oh well. We will try again tomorrow. Hard to believe he is four months old already. He has a check up on Wed. so I'll post his stats after our visit to the pediatrician.

As for Paige, well, she & the new nanny made all kinds of animals out of play-doh today. They made a whole family of turtles (daddy turtle, Paige turtle, and mommy turtle). Paige insisted that each turtle needed to have a belly button! Paige also wanted to "help" with the dishes tonight. Currently, this involves puring water from one cup into another and spilling most of it on the counter. I am hopeful that someday soon, it will mean actual HELP with the dishes, which never seem to stop piling up.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Year's Resolution

Write on the blog more often! Oops, well, let's call this a winter resolution...

Paige is two, going on 13. She is alternately testing her independence and clinging to me. She is also becoming quite a talkative girl! She recalls events (and meals!) from months ago. Today she told me how she ate corn on the cob with our neighbors & their little girl last Fall (we saw them out in the yard after not seeing them for over a month during the last cold spell). Last week, she recounted how she rode the green tractor at the zoo (this also happened last Fall, with grandma & Pop-pop). We visited the zoo again last weekend on an unseasonably warm day, and Paige directed us to all her favorite things: the monkeys, the lions, the carousel, the red barn, and the green tractor! She would be so happy to go to the zoo every day.

Paige is adjusting really well to our new nanny, Allie. Allie is very creative, always singing new songs and coming up with new craft ideas. Today they made a ladybug out of paper plates and a snowman out of pre-packaged sugar cookie dough. They baked the snowman for consumption at a later date. Overall, I think the kids are adjusting to me being back at work better than I am!

I'm taking both kids to a new music class called Music Together. This class focuses more on music education, teaching rhythms, pitch intervals, and exposing kids to a wider range of instruments & all types of music. Our class last fall was more entertainment-based (although also fun!). The highlight of the Music Together class for Paige is that her friend Theo is also in the class. She gets SO excited to go to music class with Theo!

Adam is smiling all the time. He has started to babble more, although he's no match for his chatterbox sister. He's getting stronger every day. He can roll to the side, but not quite all the way over yet... any day now... He had his first cold last week, so he hasn't been sleeping well (and neither have I). But he's on the mend, generally back to his usual easy-going self. He loves watching his sister and at times yearns to hop out of his bouncy seat and follow her! Soon enough, he will be mobile, and then we'll have a whole new set of challenges. But also new joys. Here are a few recent photos.

Paige and Adam, Feb 1, 2009

Family Photo, Dec 30, 2008