Friday, June 22, 2007

Baby blues & motor boats

Paige turns 7 months old tomorrow! I can hardly believe that 7 months ago, on a chilly November evening, my water broke in a movie theater, and about 9 hours later (in one of nature's ordinary miracles), Paige was born. I remember it like it was only last week, and yet, it seems that she has always been with us.

Paige was born with blue eyes, and they're still blue. All the books say that if the baby's eyes are going to turn brown, they usually do so by 6 months. So it looks like Paige will keep her baby blues.

Paige becomes more active every day. She loves standing (with a little help), and she pushes up on her hands & knees all the time. She can move her knees, and move her hands, but she hasn't put it all together in a rhythm that gets her anywhere yet, much to her frustration! Paige loves blowing raspberries/ moaking motor boat noises. This morning, I knew she was awake because I heard this noise (pppppbbbbllt!) coming from her crib. She will do this to entertain herself for 10-20 minutes at a stretch. Needless to say, this results in A LOT of drool, but it's also highly entertaining. Here's Paige helping "fold" some clean laundry. Don't worry - we don't keep her in the basket all the time! Thanks to Hannah (Paige's nanny) for capturing the photos in this blog entry.