Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nine Month Check Up

So we were only 3 weeks late for the 9-month check up. We found out the reason our doctor was so busy was all the kids going back to school in Aug & early Sep who needed check-ups. Paige weighed in at 20 lbs 9 oz and 30 3/4 in long! She ranked 75th percentile for weight and off the chart for height. In fact, she is the average height of a 16-month old baby! She passed all her developmental & motor skills with flying colors. She got 2 more vaccinations today, but they didn't seem to slow her down at all. She was cruising around our living room all afternoon & still had a healthy appetite for oatmeal and mixed fruit for dinner.

Here's a photo of Paige last week, modeling the new onesie with moose & bears from Grandma Karen & Grandpa Joe's recent visit to Grand Teton National Park.