Thursday, June 19, 2008

June Summer Fun

We've set up the sprinkler a few times in the back yard, although Paige prefers a bucket of water with some scoops to play with instead. ice cubes are also very popular on hot days, just to hold & watch them melt in her hand. Here she is in the sprinkler.

Paige loves to have playmates these days. Here she is hanging out with Loren (12 months younger).

And finally, a doll story for Grandma. Grandma sent Paige home from Ohio with a box full of dolls that were mine when I was younger (see photo below). Paige has enjoyed playing with them. Lately she is starting to "care" for them more too. This morning, she put a doll in her stroller, then gave the doll her sippee cup & said "drink drink." Tonight when I was putting her to bed, she said, "baby baby" so we had to hold a baby doll in the rocking chair with us while singing our bedtime songs. Paige picked up the doll & held her face close, so I thought she was going to kiss the doll. But instead, Paige rubbed her nose on the doll's nose for an Eskimo kiss! Then she handed me the doll & said "night night" so we put the doll to "sleep" on the bookshelf. Very sweet.