Monday, August 20, 2007

August Family Visits

We've been busy since our trek up to Milwaukee for the Wisconsin State Fair! We took a road trip to Ohio to visit family. We spent a day with Grandma Sara & Grandpa D, drove over to meet Great-grandma Kay, spent a day with Granpda Joe & Grandma Karen, and had an adventure at the Ohio State Fair with Mike, Molly, Payton, and Blake. Below are some photo high-lights.

When we returned from Ohio, Grandma Joy & grandpa Joe were in town for a visit, but we forgot the camera. They brought Paige her first pair of patent-leather shoes - a sure sign of good luck! We look forward to seeing them again in Sept & we will take lots of photos.

Paige with Grandma Sara & Grandpa D

Paige meets Great-Grandma Kay

Paige (alseep in mom's backpack), with mom & dad, Uncle Mike, Aunt Molly, cousins Payton & Blake, and Smokey the Bear at the Ohio State Fair

Paige with mom & dad, Grandpa Joe & Grandma Karen