Sunday, August 5, 2007

Wiggleworms in Millenium Park

Paige and I went to Millenium Park in downtown Chicago on Friday for a free Wiggleworms concert! Wiggleworms is a high-energy singing/dancing/full-participation music program for kids. The Old Town School of Folk Music offers dozens of classes for kids, and Wiggleworms is a perpetual favorite. So, before we signed Paige up for 16 weeks of this, I thought it wise to check out a free version first. She had fun, I had fun, and clearly all the other kids were having a blast! We went with friends Kerry & Theo, who also thoroughly enjoyed the concert.

Friday also marked Paige's first ride on the El train. She was fascinated and made several new friends!

Paige checking out the hula hoops after the concert

Kerry, Theo, and Paige at Millenium Park

Paige and mom posing in front of the Millenium Park Amphitheater