Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Laughs in daily life

About a week ago, Paige and I were having a snack in the food court at the mall. Specifically, a cinnamon & sugar pretzel. I gave Paige a small bite, then another. I took a few bites myself. I asked if she wanted more. She made the sign for "more"! I was so excited! A couple days later, she made the sign again to ask for more raisins. So we are entering a new level of communication. She is also making the signs for "eat" and "drink" on a regular basis (although not every time yet).

At a church potluck recently, the kids were gathered around listening to a nativity story. An older boy was sitting up on his knees with his bare feet tucked underneath him. Paige walked up behind him and tickled his feet! The boy was surprised but not upset. Another mom and I were sitting behind them, watching it all, and laughing into our hands.

Yesterday, Paige and I went out to do some holiday shopping. She was a champ through the whole afternoon, but started to get cranky in the (very long, very slow) checkout line at our last stop. I thought for sure she would have a melt-down when I tried to put her coat on and get her back in her stroller. But she didn't. I also thought she would fall asleep as soon as I put her in her carseat. But instead, she was game for a full 5 minutes of hide and seek, where I hid behind the passenger seat headrest and popped out at her to the left, right, and above the headrest. She got the gigles from this game and laughed the whole car ride home!