Tuesday, November 27, 2007

12 month check up

Paige's doctor declared her a healthy girl at her check up today! She weighed 21 lbs 11 oz and measured 31" tall. She's off the chart in height and in the top quarter for weight for kids her age. We've started mixing in whole milk with her formula, and so long as it's warmed through, she drinks it down just fine. Paige is eating mostly "normal" food these days, although we try to feed her more veggies and less junk than what we eat! She actually likes broccoli (a shock to any readers who are familiar with mom's preferences as a kid!), peas, carrots, corn, and she's crazy about beans! Who knew! Green, black, red/kidney - she would eat them at every meal if we let her. She still loves cheese, yogurt, cheerios, applesauce. She's branching out more with proteins: turkey, chicken, tofu, eggs, veggie burgers, and even some creamy peanut butter. She likes to feed herself and lately will put her hand on the spoon to "help" mom get the food to her mouth.

Paige is saying mama, dada, and Hannah pretty clearly these days. We can also make out "all done" and "hello" pretty often. She points vigorously when she wants something. She makes the sign for "milk" when she wants some kind of drink. She sometimes puts her hand to her mouth when she wants to eat, although this isn't consistent yet. Her communication is surprisingly clear for not speaking too many words! We're not sure if this is a developmental milestone, but Paige is certainly entertaining herself more and more. In this video, she "twirls" around and around.