Thursday, February 7, 2008


Paige has been babbling for many months now, and most of the time, her inflection and rhythms mirror actual speech. We just have no idea what she's saying. Lately, she's adding high-pitched screeches and squeals to the mix, mainly when she is not getting her way. No, squealing will not get you more time in the bathtub or get you out of the carseat any sooner, but thanks for trying!

Her mastery of language now includes pig noises (snorts really) and cat noises (meow meow which sounds more like "mel mel") whenever a pig or cat appears in one of her books or on the CD with Old MacDonald Had a Farm. We have one book with both a pig and cat in it, and she provides background noise all the way through!

Another accomplishment is using the sign for "more" much more frequently. We get less pointing and grunting (and jumping and squirming) at the table, and more pointing and signing instead. She is becoming a pleasant table guest, and I think even Emily Post would be proud. Did I mention she loves her veggies, too?!