Thursday, February 28, 2008


Our little ham is at it again! In the bathtub tonight, she was imitating daddy by batting her eyes at him. Of course, daddy had his eyes closed to avoid getting bubbles splashed in his eyes. But watching Paige do it just cracked us both up!

During story time (part of the bedtime routine), she pressed daddy's nose & made him say "honk!" Then she turned to mommy and pressed her nose - "honk!" again! Paige alternated between mom's nose and dad's nose about 10 times each before we all cracked up laughing! Who would have thought that honking noses could be so much fun?!

Paige had her 15-month check up this week. In spite of ANOTHER cold, she passed with a generally clean bill of health and is meeting all her developmental milestones. Our girl weighs 23 pounds (50-75th percentile) and is 32 7/8 inches tall! (off the chart for height) There's no secret to what we feed her: just plain good food, and lots of it.

More photos coming soon.