Thursday, August 7, 2008

Zoo and Sneezes

Paige and her new nanny, Rose, went to the zoo yesterday. Paige came back chattering about monkeys, zebras, snakes, goats and more. The weather was great and they had so much fun! Paige found the bus ride to the zoo just about as exciting as the zoo itself. However, on the bus ride home, she fell asleep.

When I came back from my doctor's appointment this afternoon, I had a band-aid on my arm where I had a blood sample taken. Paige is fascinated with band-aids and immediately spotted mine. She reached for it and tried to pull it off, but I said "No, mama has a boo boo. I need to keep the band-aid on." Paige said "boo boo" several times, then bent her little head down and kissed my arm! Talk about melting my heart!

Tonight while I was fixing Paige a bedtime snack (of Cheerios and milk- what else?!), I sneezed. Her little voice said "bless you!" I was so surprised, I almost forgot to say "thank you!" Then she proceeded to repeat back to me "sneeze, bless you, thank you" several times to be sure I understood the sequence of events. She often signs "thank you" at the same time as she says it, for added effect. She is absorbing more every day - and not just words, but also their meaning. She is starting to make connections from books to real life, and from one situation to another. What a miracle and a joy to watch!