Monday, September 1, 2008

Bathroom bonanza

If you are not a parent, you may want to skip this post-- it will be graphic!

Paige got her own potty at the beginning of the summer and began using it occasionally when prompted back in June. Then we remodeled our bathroom, and this threw her off for a while while the bathroom was under construction. Lately she has been trying again, with prompting. Today she went in her potty FOUR TIMES!! Three pees and a poop! I am SO PROUD!! Granted, it was only the poop where she told me she had to go. For the others, I just took off her pants & sat her on the potty at logical times (after nap, after dinner, etc). And she did the rest. She might be somewhat motivated by the new foaming Elmo soap that Dad bought her recently. She now LOVES to wash her hands with it. And I did reward her with watching a few episodes of Thomas and Friends tonight... We will have to think of alternate rewards besides TV, since there is a limit to that!