Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Birthday Fun

We celebrated Paige's birthday on the 23rd with a party of 9 people: Paige, mom, dad, Anne, Annmarie, Rick, Mari, Loren (9 days old!), and Socorro. We had left-over turkey (of course), plus birthday cake (made by mom), and ice cream (made by dad). Paige liked the cake quite a lot, but didn't care too much for the ice cream -- probably too cold. She opened lots of gifts: clothes, books, toys, savings bonds. She really likes a couple of her new books that more interactive (mirrors to look in, animals to touch) and the ones with the fun rhymes (Go Dog Go!). Her new bath toys are also a hit, since she LOVES the bath! Mom and dad caved in & got her an electronic toy.

Paige liked the cake

Paige got a puppy

Reading a new book with Dad