Friday, November 2, 2007

Settling into the new home

So if you know us in person, you know that we just moved into a new house. Paige is adjusting SO WELL! She has taken over as queen of this "castle" and has fully explored every corner (and I do mean every corner, even the ones we try to keep her out of!).

Here are a couple of quick notes about what she's been up to.

Paige had trouble going to sleep the first couple of nights in the new house. About the 5th night, I'm rocking her in her room, she's just finished her bottle. She squirms in my lap to get down. She gets down, walks to the bathroom, comes back with her rubber duck. She climbs back into my lap, chews on the duck for a while, then discards the duck in favor of her thumb. Then she falls asleep. Perhaps the duck has become a security object??

A few days ago, Steve wisely purchased some cabinet locks (the kind that tie two knobs together so you can't open the door on either side). We installed one in the kitchen and one on the new TV stand. Last night, Paige walked into the kitchen, grabbed the cabinet lock, and pulled it right off the knobs! The bad news is, the lock didn't work. But the good news is that she was too interested in playing with the lock itself to open the cabinet and start pulling things off the shelf. We parents have learned to be grateful for the small victories!

Paige was a great help when it came time to pack up the clothes

Paige helping to pack some kitchen items

You would think she gets enough fiber from all the book pages she's eaten!

Demonstrating that the child is much smarter than the "child-proof" lock